DCI offers many different services to our clients. We have the capability to assist you in every facet of the development process. Throughout the years we have gained expertise to provide you the most complete service available.

We are constantly adding services to our practice in order to keep up with the ever changing construction industry. We believe that learning should be never-ending and have developed continual training programs and seminars for our staff in all aspects of the construction and development industry.

It is our goal to provide our clients the best tools, options and solutions as we partner to build together.

Initial Consulting And Planning

Our team at DCI has many years of experience in developing all types of projects. Although every project is unique, we have learned that there are vital elements that are specific to each type of project and property.

The key to a successful project can be attributed to the initial planning and research. Our site analysis and evaluation process helps recognize and solve potential issues that might affect a project’s final cost and completion date.


Location And Financing

We understand that developing a new facility can seem like a formidable task. Often times our clients come to us with the idea, but are unsure of exactly where and how to proceed with their project. At DCI we keep a relationship real estate agents and land developers to help you find the best site for your project. As your “Partner in Development,” we are here to assist and advise you throughout the land acquisition so it goes smoothly and you are satisfied.

Financing is an ever changing process and can be confusing at times. Over time, we have developed relationships with many financial institutions, allowing us to better assist you through the process while we generate the documentation necessary to aid in completing the transaction.


Partnering Opportunities

As clients, you are welcome to our network of land development opportunities and partners. This network is a group of “A” rated development opportunities 30 years in development and becoming part of this group allows you to connect with a group with similar interests.

Oftentimes a project will come that requires that additional investment and we work to get that investor for you. We also keep track of tenant opportunities and real estate developments.


Construction Management

Our Construction Management team is composed of poised and skilled Project Managers and Supervisors who have worked with us for years. They all share in our company philosophy of providing quality work and open communication.

Our construction management system creates a team approach to the project by providing a collaborative approach with the client, designers, engineers and subcontractors. Our involvement begins during the preliminary design phase which results in value engineering and budget adherence.


Design, Engineering & Permits

Our Design Department was established in 1988 and has knowledge of all types of buildings and facilities. Our design and drafting experience includes office buildings, commercial, retail centers, industrial plants, agricultural facilities, healthcare, dealerships, churches, restaurants, distribution centers and more.

We pride ourselves in assembling the best Design Team at DCI. Our skilled designers can compose building layouts and designs to tailor fit our client's needs. We partner with premiere engineering firms and consultants who work closely with us to generate all construction documents needed for your project.

Construction documents in hand, we then process building permits and any special approvals required for your building. Being your “Partner in Development” means we take the lead on all items related to the construction permit approval and will represent you before the permitting agencies, working diligently to get your project approved as quickly as possible


Estimating & Bidding

Our estimating team have generated a precise estimating process at DCI. When we provide an estimate number for our clients, they find that we hold that true. Earning our clients trust is our utmost priority so playing games with our clients is not something we do. Our estimating system has been refined to give us the most competitive and complete pricing capabilities.

Prior to commencing construction, each project goes through a rigorous bidding process, allowing us to get the most competitive prices from various trades involved. Bidding allows us and our sub-contractors to stay competitive while providing a method for verifying complete bids.

We also have developed an interview and rating process to verify that sub-contractors can fulfill the project requirements and our meet our company standards.


Construction Divisions & Quality Control

DCI self-performs several trades and we offer these services to our clients as part of our contract. These internal divisions are each headed by a Division Manager, who controls the quality, and performance of their division.

Construction Divisions

  • Concrete
  • Carpentry
  • Steel Erecting
  • Metal Building Systems
  • Paint
  • Welding

Project Management Services

  • Design and Drafting
  • Permitting
  • Engineering (thru consultants)
  • Bidding and Estimating
  • Aerial Photography

In construction, challenges or complications can always arise. Our team works together to make your project run as smoothly as possible. Our reputation is extremely important to us and we strive to make things right, addressing any concerns and providing our clients with prompt attention and high-quality construction.