Dogwood Elementary School 6 classroom addition

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

Duggins Construction, Inc, General Contractor, License #290934 located at 341 Crown Court, Imperial, CA  92251, is hereby soliciting construction bids including DVBE, MBE, and WBE subcontractors ALL BUILDING TRADES. The project, Heber Elementary School District Dogwood Elementary School (6) classroom Addition is located on 44 E Correll RD, in Heber CA 92249. This is a state with Prevailing Wage Requirements. Bids must be submitted by 06/16/20. Interested bidders may get copies of the plans and specifications from the link below. All Subcontractors are required to register with the DIR in accordance with SD 854 “Public Registration Bill”. For further information, questions or concerns you can contact Oscar Grijalva (project Manager) at  or Karla Be at (project Manager assistant) or call 760-355-5600